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Linux Linux kernel 3.4 has been released. New features include several Btrfs updates: support of metadata blocks bigger than 4KB, much improved metadata performance, better error handling and better recovery tools; there is also a new X32 ABI which allows to run programs in 64 bit mode with 32 bit pointers; several updates to the GPU drivers: early modesetting of Nvidia Geforce 600 'Kepler', support of AMD RadeonHD 7xxx and AMD Trinity APU series, and support of Intel Medfield graphics; support of x86 cpu driver autoprobing, two new device-mapper targets, several perf improvements such as GTK2 report GUI and a new 'Yama' security module. Here's the full list of changes.
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RE: Awesome
by Lennie on Tue 22nd May 2012 02:31 UTC in reply to "Awesome"
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Btrfs is looking better every release, but it isn't for everyone yet.

Windows 8 will be the next Vista.

I wouldn't be surprised if more business uses the newer Windows server version than the desktop version.

As the server version got a lot of new tricks.

I've been off Windows for years now, so I don't care what Windows does. Personally I'm looking forward to seeing bcache* get merged in the Linux kernel.

This also seems to be more and more likely to happen soon (by some definitions of soon).


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