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Internet Explorer This is interesting news. According to, and given credence by Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrot, Adobe has given Microsoft the source code to Flash, so that Microsoft could fully integrate it into Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8. Interesting move, and probably not a bad one considering just how popular Flash still is, especially for games.
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ie9 is already sandboxed on windows 7

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It is true that since IE 7, Internet Explorer itself is supposed to have very little file access permissions, provided that its "Protected mode" functionality is enabled at least. However, its Trident engine is entrenched so deeply in Windows, managing parts of such critical functionality as system dialogs, the file explorer or the control panel, that it can almost certainly give orders to higher-privileged components of Windows, which partially voids the usefulness of this sandbox functionality.

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Fat lot of good it does, too.

The most severe vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user visits a specially crafted Web page using Internet Explorer. An attacker who successfully exploited any of these vulnerabilities could gain the same user rights as the local user.

IE was, is, and will remain a security nightmare.

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