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Windows "All eyes were on Microsoft's rather important launch of Windows Phone in China earlier this year. Nokia followed up with the Lumia 800c, released on China Telecom. According to Michel van der Bel, COO of Greater China Region at Microsoft, the company has achieved 7% marketshare in the country, overtaking the iPhone (sitting at just 6%)." I'm raising an eyebrow over these figures due to their source, but assuming they're true, we get a good glimpse of how well Windows Phone 7 would handle itself in a market where the competition had less of a head start.
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RE: False
by zima on Fri 25th May 2012 23:55 UTC in reply to "False"
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And, as we all know, personal anecdotes trump statistics... (not saying that those must be very clean, but...)

Plus, the news is about sales - of course the installed base of older product will give such impression (and are you really sos skillful in recognizing handsets?)

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