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Hardware, Embedded Systems It took the world a good while, but today, my Raspberry Pi finally landed on my doormat. Since it only arrived today, I haven't had the time to put it through its paces, but I do have a few first impressions to share with you all, while I also want to explain how the Pi will allow me to complete my already seven year long quest for The Elusive Three.
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seven year long quest for The Illusive Three
by zima on Wed 30th May 2012 22:42 UTC
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This Pi will be used run the last of what I've been calling The Illusive Three: AmigaOS4, MorphOS, and RISC OS. These three all require special, custom hardware, making them more difficult to obtain; still, I vowed to get my hands on all three

And I must point out that, as far as experiencing RISC OS in general (and now) goes - it already runs fine under emulation, certainly well enough to do a review of the OS itself ;)
(overall, it's probably more convenient on a laptop for semi-serious daily use - what you apparently aim at, Thom, as part of review process - than on RPi + mild cable spaghetti; all that's required: )

BTW, the situation with MorphOS improved since its OSNews review: now it also runs on some "surplus" Powermacs, including G4 Mini - technically still a bit "special, custom hardware" but at least quite inexpensive and easy to obtain (plus relatively powerful, vs. MorphOS requirements and Efika).

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Emulation... Yuck.


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What's one more abstraction layer? ;) (heck, an emulated RISC OS machine - with an OS mostly written in asm IIRC - could very well end up with less layers than a typical software stack that we use nowadays(?))
Especially in times when we readily accept virtual machines, and have no lack of processing power.

And perhaps there's also the "green" aspect that you should keep in mind and at least point out ;P (you know, for those who might be interested only about RISC OS ...and getting another piece of future-electronic-waste, hardly used, for what they probably could accomplish just as well - if not better - under emu?)

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