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Legal Five US carriers, nearly identical devices, millions and millions of pre-orders, virtually simultaneous launch - and that's just the US. The Galaxy SIII might be hideous, Samsung is still doing something right here. No surprise, then, that Apple has, once again, decided to compete in the court room instead of on the shelves: they're asking for a US import ban on the SIII [FOSS Patents link].
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by gan17 on Thu 7th Jun 2012 15:50 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by some1"
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Yes, it would make them sturdier, just not in white, or any color for that matter. Carbon fiber should be carbon fiber colored, whether they be fenders, clutch covers trellis frames or cellphone cases.

Most "exotic" material I can recall on phones were the old Ericsson (before Sony Erricsson) models having magnesium-alloy frames of some sort. Only carbon fiber chassis I've seen on phones were those overpriced Vertu models.

Price and yield ratio are probably the biggest factors. Machining is either too expensive and slow (, and hand weaving is simply impractical for anything outside MotoGP and F1.

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