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Gnome The first in a new series of development builds of GNOME has been released. You can compile GNOME 2.13.1 by using these jhbuild modulesets. Planned features can be found here.
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RE[16]: gnome still sucks
by Morty on Thu 27th Oct 2005 23:34 UTC
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I work for VMware, and our proprietary programs are designed to integrate well with the GNOME desktop. We use many GNOME libraries. Workstation and the Player both fit well into the GNOME desktop. Please refrain from making such bold statements without research ;)

Someone admits to it, that's the first one:-) Perhaps a little bold, but not whitout research. But you hadn't responded had i t not been bold, had you:-) Anyway I think my point still stands, Qt licenses to all at WMware would cost a lot less than what RH spends on GTK.

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RE[17]: gnome still sucks
by Hiev on Thu 27th Oct 2005 23:40 in reply to "RE[16]: gnome still sucks"
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Who knows, but Red hat have customers that maybe would like to interact with their libraries, using Qt would inherited the GPL license to their customers forcing them to GPL their code or expend at least another 2500 dls, Red Hat is smart enought to go with GTK instead, GTK has save them a lot of money to them and the satisfaction of their customers.

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