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Apple So, iOS 6 will make its way to devices all the way back to the 3GS... But many key features are not available at all on the 3GS, and even the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are seeing features held back. "Some features, like the VIP List for email, the Offline Reading List, and Shared Photo Stream won't work on the iPhone 3GS. Even flagship iOS features like Flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, and FaceTime over cellular won't work on recent devices like the iPhone 4 or the iPad 2 - not to mention the iPhone 3GS." Pretty scummy and misleading.
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RE: Scummy?
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 13th Jun 2012 11:28 UTC in reply to "Scummy?"
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It's not trash talk, it's the truth. Like I said a few comments up: artificially limiting hardware through software just to sell more newer devices is scummy - no matter if Apple does it, if carriers do it, or if Microsoft does it. When carriers refuse to update perfectly capable devices to sell newer ones they are the scum of the earth, but when Apple does it it's okay, understandable, and we should all be hush-hush about it?

Fcuk that. Seriously.

Misleading does not imply anybody lied. It means that you mislead people. And you can be entirely honest and truthful and still be misleading. Apple mentions a whole bunch of new features for iOS 6, while only one (I repeat: ONE) device actually gets all these features. All other devices Apple has shipped either don't get it, or get butchered versions, for no other reason than to sell more newer devices. That's scummy, that's misleading.

That's why Microsoft forces OEMs to properly state which version of Windows 7 a computer ships with. If Microsoft did what Apple is doing now - use one name for all versions of Windows 7, no matter how butchered the versions are - they would be vilified for it, and rightfully so. But when Apple does it, it's all okay?

As for bringing Android into the discussion - Android's upgrade system is a goddamn mess, but that doesn't give Apple the right to be scummy and misleading.

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