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Hardware, Embedded Systems And finally, finally, finally, Vizio has fully unveiled its brand new line up of laptops and all-in-ones. The successful American TV maker announced its new kit at CES in January, catching my eyes with a set of beautiful, distinctive laptops and all-in-ones, and, as they promised back then, they have now unveiled all. This has want written all over it. Update: Rejoice: non-glossy, matte screens on the laptop.
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RE[2]: That Ultrabook
by bassbeast on Fri 15th Jun 2012 21:55 UTC in reply to "RE: That Ultrabook"
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Sadly you can blame what has been labeled "cargo cult usability" and the fact that Apple and their "Art of design" has been such a huge hit.

Just like the cargo cults simply mimicked the most obvious features of an airbase without knowing the reasoning behind it and thought that it would work, these companies are taking the most obvious part of Apple design, the "thin and sleek look" and copying it hoping like the cults to replicate success.

Personally i'm with you, I'd rather have longer battery life which is why i went an got a EEE AMD netbook, as while its not as thin and sleek as the new machines it gets around 6 hours for me playing 720p video, longer for surfing, and a third party battery can get that up to closer to 12 if i need the extra time. But it looks like sadly we are in the minority as people keep buying these thinner devices, it doesn't help that many like my cousins have already been trained to carry a charger with them everywhere because of how quickly you can drain these devices, they just go from outlet to outlet as if that should just be expected, never questioning it.

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