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Graphics, User Interfaces It's been one of my major pet peeves on both Android and iOS: the total and utter lack of consistency. Applications - whether first party or third party - all seem to live on islands, doing their own thing, making their own design choices regarding basic UI interactions, developing their own non-standard buttons and controls. Consistency died five years ago, and nobody seems to care but me.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 18th Jun 2012 16:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Radio"
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You'd be surprised just how similar controls games in the same genre have. Play one FPS, and you can play them all.

As far as actual game GUIs go (menus and such)... I hate how every game has entirely different in-game menus. Some apply when you change a setting, some require you to select an on-screen button to save settings, some require you to press a specific button on the controller. Some have HUD settings in the gameplay menu, some have it in the graphics menu. And so on.

Game UIs are often pretty terrible - crazy fonts, weird colour schemes, too small fonts, etc. etc.

But even then, you can't just equate games with applications - especially not mobile applications. You usually play a the same game for longer periods - days, maybe even weeks. Try playing Fallout for a while, then switch to Left 4 Dead. Curse the failed reloads and jumps - because the controls are different.

Now, imagine making this shift not once every week or once every few weeks (as with games), but several times per minute. Mobile applications are in-out-in-out, very rapidly. You don't spend a lot of time on each.

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