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Windows Two links to Marco Arment within a few days? Well, if you make good points: "Many Windows developers were upset that iOS development had to be done on a Mac, but it didn't hurt Apple: the most important developers for iOS apps were already using Macs. But the success of Windows 8 and Windows Phone in the consumer space requires many of those consumer-product developers, now entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, to care so much about Windows development that they want to use Windows to develop for it. How likely is that?" As usual a bit too Apple-centric (he implies - as explicit as possible while still being implicit - that only iOS developers can create great applications), but his point still stands. Judging by the abysmal quality of Microsoft's own Metro applications (Mail, Video, Music, People, IE10, etc.), even Microsoft doesn't know how to create great Metro applications.
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I really can't see the problem
by karunko on Sun 24th Jun 2012 09:19 UTC
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A developer goes where the money is, but a very smart one goes where the money will be.

I mean, given the choice would you rather develop for an overcrowded App Store where your product will be just one of the hundred of thousands available, or try to be one of the first that made it to the New Frontier?

Yes, we all read stories about someone who made loads of money on the App Store, but let's keep in mind that these are the exception to the rule and most developers can't even recover the development costs (one of many examples:

As for needing Windows versus needing OS X to write software, every Mac developer's machine is perfectly capable of running Windows, therefore the point is moot and more along the lines of "damn, I can't think of anything else to close this article."


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MS now has 100k apps for ~10M installed base.
Android has 300k apps for ~330M installed base.
Do the math.

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That would be:
100k - ~20m(I really hope they achieved that at least)
470k - ~380m(300m + 119days*700k)
550k - ~420m(365m end of calendar Q1 + 55mil)

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