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Hardware, Embedded Systems Artificial intelligence is still a long way from delivering the human intelligence in robot form that has long been common in science fiction.
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RE[2]: Tron
by ilovebeer on Mon 25th Jun 2012 04:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Tron"
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Technology for time travel cannot exist because the rules of nature as we understand them don't permit it. I don't think anybody would claim that physics rules out artificial intelligence in the same way.

No quite. Many theories support the ability to travel through time in one form or another, directly or as a byproduct of other processes. Regardless of what the true answer is, nature itself is not the governing body.

Our knowledge in general is still very immature. Because of that, our ability to comprehend vast and complex subjects like these is severely limited. Simply put, humanity is sucking its thumb and wearing diapers. And even that may be giving us too much credit.

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RE[3]: Tron
by zima on Mon 25th Jun 2012 08:02 in reply to "RE[2]: Tron"
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While it is fairly easy to find theories (or, more precisely, interpretations, thought applications and experiments of some established theories) which appear to permit "time travel" as understood in popular fiction*, it usually comes with strings attached such as "having a very localised supply of energy greater than produced by a large galaxy" or "assuming an object of infinite length rotating nearly the speed of light"...
Overall, it's quite safe to assume that nothing will ever attain the fiction-type time travel simply because we would most likely observe such by "now" (one of more sensible things would be, say, to move "back" your ~civilisation as early as you can, when the universe was more dense)


*because, really, we do it all the time, just within the confines of what this universe appears to be - and it can be seen as if entirety of it travels at the speed (just trading between space and time aspects of it)

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