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Hardware, Embedded Systems Artificial intelligence is still a long way from delivering the human intelligence in robot form that has long been common in science fiction.
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RE: Tron
by zima on Mon 25th Jun 2012 08:20 UTC in reply to "Tron"
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I watched Tron in the early 80's (I still love it (not the new one however, what was that???)).


The first Tron is a bit... dreadful, as a movie (and among the people I know, I'm not nearly the only with such view; but we didn't watch it in our youth / when it came out). The second is also, really, but at least it's an awesome visual porn of sorts (what the 1st was also, back then, I imagine), one big Daft Punk music video (geniuses, really, tricking producers and so on into making something like this for them :> )

edit: oh yeah, two intelligent robots right there! ;)

I believe we can mimic intelligence, but I don't believe computers will be able to grasp "though" as we do, not now, not in another 30 years, not ever. Again, this is just based on observations over the past 30 years of living in the industry.

How do you know we are not merely "mimicking" it? (what tells you that you're intelligent and concious in the first place?)
Plus "ever" is a very long time, compared to 30 years. At the very least, we know of nothing which would certainly prevent, on a fundamental level, a brain computer simulation - you can go further from there, streamlining and optimising functional blocks.

I think the problem is that we underestimate the brain somewhat. I think we are only now beginning to get an idea of what we can actually do.

Please, no New Age stuff... :p But seriously, while we underestimate it somewhat, we also at least as often greatly overestimate it - about that "grasp "though" as we do", you mean with tons of cognitive biases? (go through their list, this is the primary mode of our operation).

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