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Mac OS X "In the wake of the Flashback botnet which targeted Mac computers, Apple has removed a statement from its messages on its website that Mac operating system X (OS X) isn't susceptible to viruses." It was an untenable statement anyway. Security is an illusion.
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by laffer1 on Tue 26th Jun 2012 12:28 UTC in reply to "How to Get My Money Back/"
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Apple was selling security through obscurity. Security experts will tell you this never works. In reality, it may stop some script kiddies, but never anyone who wants to do real harm to you.

Any OS can get a virus. It's simple to write one in whatever language is commonly used by that OS. With OS X, I could write one as a bash script even. It is fairly hard to gain root on an OS X box without user approval, but one doesn't need root necessarily. Some of the best viruses on Windows infect the user profile and spread through infected documents on the network or get injected into the browser as a plugin, etc.

I'm typing this on a Mac. i do like them, but frankly I never felt invincible. if anything, my laptop is more secure because it dual boots Linux and MidnightBSD and both of those have much less marketshare for desktop use. It's only more secure because no one cares enough to write a virus for it. Mac OS X is now very popular if you count iOS variants. There are a lot of people trained to write Cocoa apps and can now write malware too. On the bright side, there are few viruses so far for OS X compared to Windows.

There are several free antivirus solutions for OS X including Avast, Sophos, etc.

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