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Mac OS X "In the wake of the Flashback botnet which targeted Mac computers, Apple has removed a statement from its messages on its website that Mac operating system X (OS X) isn't susceptible to viruses." It was an untenable statement anyway. Security is an illusion.
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by darknexus on Wed 27th Jun 2012 16:55 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: How to Get My Money Back/"
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In contrast, a live update that hoses 1% of systems unbootable is a disaster for Microsoft.

This isn't strictly limited to live updates. Ever tried to troubleshoot a failed update in Windows 7 that installs, reboots, starts configuring, then locks? Not fun. Live update or no live update, it still rendered the install unbootable until it could be fixed.
However, as a Mac user myself, I feel obligated to point out that Apple isn't all that great at live updating either. There are some updates, sometimes for OS X-provided applications, that still require a restart when they really shouldn't need one. I will say that Apple at least packages updates more cleanly. Ever done a Windows update that installed some security patches and then, on the next reboot, you need to run windows update again to get yet more security patches to fix problems in the security patches you've just applied? One would think that Microsoft would at least packages these in a more coherent fashion. Granted, they do occasionally have "cumulative security updates" but even those often don't have the latest patches and require a few rounds of updates to get them all. Aside from being a general pain to those of us who have to maintain them and resulting in a machine having more down time than it really needs, this does eventually leave a lot of files lying around the system. They have gotten a bit better with this since the days of XP sp3 but still nowhere near Apple or the various Linux distributions. I can only hope this will be one area addressed in Windows 8.

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Yet OTOH, OSX updates tend to have silly size (even stranger, some of Apple fans seem to boast about any supposed network problems this brings); while, on the plus side, MS patches tend to be smaller, more manageable.

And still, those "staged" updates also most likely stem from possible implications of a failed update (even if very rarely, that would still end up in a massive number of end-user machines with Windows) - less testing when the process is more strictly specified like that, I imagine.

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