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Windows Time to throw out the old Pentium I/MMX computers? Not yet... read this guide on how to install Windows 2000 on a very old computer with only 32MB RAM and tweak it to run very fast.
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RE : ronaldst
by Al2001 on Sun 17th Jul 2005 01:01 UTC
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It is only faster than NTFS when you have less than 64MB memory and less than 30GB hard drive.

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RE : FAT being very fast for older PCs
by ronaldst on Sun 17th Jul 2005 01:06 in reply to "RE : ronaldst"
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Not really. Even with 512megs RAM and 60gigs HDs it's still faster than with NTFS. Try it, you'll be plesantly surprised. ;)

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Where NTFS is likely to be faster is a situation with multiple threads updating the filesystem(s) simultaneously: the FAT32 FAT in a badly fragmented situation may get as bad as reading through 8 megs of memory to access 8 megs of files, and that's for a single file, on a single volume. Now, imagine if you had a full load of drives, where you had somewhere around 25 volumes or so, and you were doing lots of file updates, such as running a webserver that has a forum on it that's very active, and is serving up webpages, and is also serving email.

Granted, there are ways to minimize the impact, but NTFS starts making more sense there, especially on recovery if there's a power glitch or another type of hardware/software failure.

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