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Google "Buried somewhat quietly in the noise of Google's spate of announcements today was an interesting fact: the Nexus Q, Google's new media streamer and first self-built consumer hardware, is being manufactured in the United States." Just getting their toes wet, for sure, but it's interesting it's Google making the first attempt to bring back production to the west. I won't comment on whether or not production should move back in the first place, but in all honesty, I expected Apple to be the one to make the first move here.
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RE: Comment by Kroc
by Gone fishing on Thu 28th Jun 2012 11:01 UTC in reply to "Comment by Kroc"
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Kroc has a good point, that pertains to the loss of manufacturing in general. Firstly it was we can't compete with Japan, Korea in Ship building, steel manufacture because of cheap labour etc. This heavy industry was derided as old industry, then it was cars, motorcycles and electrical goods. It became obvious that these economies where no longer low wage but high Tech, high wage economies. Then the focus moved to Taiwan and China and we couldn't compete with these economies for the manufacturing of computer chips, and motherboards etc. because of cheap labour etc that didn't matter because the West was now post industrial. We were going to sell services and IP.

When are we in the west going to get a grip? Countries that can build cars, aircraft, spaceships, phones and computers do not need to buy insurance, banking and spurious financial products from the British or will tolerate paying Microsoft, Apple etc for an equally spurious IP Tax indefinitely. These countries are now producing hundreds of thousands of graduate engineers, scientists, computer scientists each year while we in Britain have increasing indisciplined children who go to university to study media and become hopelessly in debt. If we are not careful it will be the now developing economies that have the skills and reasonable wages and we in the west will be poor, and unskilled.

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