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Apple Exactly five years ago today, Apple officially released its entry into the mobile phone market, the iPhone. Immediately loved by customers the world over, ridiculed by the competition, and, in my book, not particularly innovative feature-wise, it changed the mobile phone industry virtually overnight. Love the iPhone or hate the iPhone, its industry-changing impact is evident.
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Pure OS
by wocowboy on Sat 30th Jun 2012 10:51 UTC
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"Windows PocketPC Mobile Second Edition CE Embedded Compact Standard" LOL the BEST line in the entire essay! And best name for a product/OS up until Windows Phone 7 System Mobile OS..etc.

The greatest thing the iPhone and by extension iOS have going is the control Apple exerts over the carriers. THEY control the software on the phone, a pure version of the OS, without crap/bloat-ware, "enhancements" and carrier-branded software and "features" that either cripple stock functions or cripple the entire operation of the phone.

A pure version of iOS, regardless of the fragmentation/segmentation discussion, is always a good thing, and guaranteeing that a phone you buy WILL be upgradeable for the next few years is something Android and Microsoft have not yet accomplished. Google just released Android 4.1 Jellybean, while the vast majority of phones out in the wild still run Gingerbread, a full two software versions back, and there is no guarantee that ANY phone sold right now will ever be upgraded to Jellybean.

Same thing for Windows phones. NOT ONE phone Microsoft is selling right now will be upgradeable to Windows Phone System 8 Apollo. They will roll out the 7.8 "update" to give users a new Metro Start Screen and Nokia will add some crapware apps to soothe hard feelings, but that's it, Windows phones sold right now are done, dead. Say what you want about individual aspects of iOS, but Apple is doing a MUCH better job of servicing the phones they sell.

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RE: Pure OS
by zima on Sat 30th Jun 2012 13:21 in reply to "Pure OS"
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guaranteeing that a phone you buy WILL be upgradeable for the next few years

Not sure if "guaranteeing" is the right word... at least, not if you count from the more meaningful end of large-scale sales (and Apple actively promotes, pushes on consumers old models much longer; that's why 3GS is still mostly supported - it's still sold)

Also, WP7 seems to be pushed into budget role (it will probably fulfil it for quite some time) and most apps will certainly run on it ...mostly just not the native, high-performance games - for which budget (or older) phones wouldn't have the horsepower, anyway (just like such games often don't support earlier iPhones, even if iOS is up to date)

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RE[2]: Pure OS
by wocowboy on Sun 1st Jul 2012 13:53 in reply to "RE: Pure OS"
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Yeah guaranteeing was not the best word, but the best one I could come up with at the time. The important part was that Apple still does sell the 3GS and has continued to pus out OS updates for it, with less and less features enabled, but those are more a function of the capabilities of the device for the most part. Nothing wrong with that, at least the OS updates have been available and users don't have to hack, root, or go to other extreme measures to get the latest software for it, unlike a lot of Android handsets that are locked to a particular version of the Android OS or locked to the carrier's version of the OS and cannot be updated at all, even tough they are perfectly capable of running later versions of Android.

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