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Legal So let me get this straight. Nokia claims that the Nexus 7 infringes upon standard essential wifi patents, and that Asus does not have a license. How in the name of hell is it possible that Asus has been shipping a gazillion wifi-enabled products every year for god knows how long now, and only now does Nokia notice? Wait - of course. Silly me. If you can't compete, litigate. D'oh.
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Comment by some1
by some1 on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 13:10 UTC
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I wonder if this is anything but FUD spread by Mueller, and everyone should do more checking before reposting this stuff:
- Mueller was the first to "pick" this up.
- There's no statement from Nokia that says anything about infringement.
- Everyone quotes "ASUS doesn't have our license". ASUS doesn't need a license, the WiFi chip is produced by Broadcom. Broadcom seems to have plenty agreements with Nokia, though I can't find anything specific in a minute.

And, of course, it just plain doesn't make any sense.

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RE: Comment by some1
by Soulbender on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 13:25 in reply to "Comment by some1"
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Yeah, now that you mention it it all seems a bit sketchy. Mueller's article also feels a

I also don't understand what WiFi patents Nokia have. Searching for nokia wifi patents yields only articles about this case.

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RE: Comment by some1
by gan17 on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 16:16 in reply to "Comment by some1"
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Oh, seems Anantech's analysis was a bit off.

According to page 2 of iFixit's teardown*, the wireless module seems to be made by Azurewave. No idea if they're just a "re-packager" of Broadcom tech or design their own.


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RE[2]: Comment by some1
by some1 on Tue 3rd Jul 2012 18:57 in reply to "RE: Comment by some1"
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Azurewave seems to be the manufacturer, but they're somewhat obscure. But while not a big name as Broadcom, Asus is already using their chips in a number of products like Eee Pc 1000, U56E notebook and Transformer Prime (see the image here: -- the text is either inaccurate or they know something I don't know). So it seems unlikely that they don't have licenses for WiFi technology.

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