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Google It was time somebody cleared that up: the oft-decried skins put by OEM and operators on Android are not responsible for the lateness or lack of updates. The truth is that skins are easy, hardware drivers are hard. That is not to say skins do not have other problems, or that the problem is unsolvable, but asking for "stock" Android OS is not going to help on the update front.
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by kaiwai on Wed 4th Jul 2012 08:24 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai"
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LOL, well you're getting semi-updates anyway. If you're on an iPhone4 for example, no Siri or turn-by-turn nav for you.

Which are hardware limitations (lack of proper noise cancelation makes siri virtually unusable on phones prior to iPhone 4s) rather than vendors deciding that pushing a hardware upgrade will help their bottom line. For me I'm happy if the vendor says, "ok, we'll provide you an upgrade but here is a list of things that you won't get because of hardware limitations" because for me the more important part is have a safe, stable and secure operating systems first and foremost before any of the bells and whistles.

And anyway, most of the features introduced in iOS6 are things Android users have had since 2009-ish, and you want to talk about value? As it seems that iOS is generally 2-3 years behind on features, even if Android phones don't get any updates from this point on, they'll be light years ahead of iOS even two years from now, so have fun with your toy iPhone and your gimped updates ;)

What features of great importance as missing? maybe Android vendors can provide music management software for Mac that doesn't suck, maybe proper synchronisation software for Mac users so that we're treated like first class customers (heck, if Microsoft can provide 'Windows Phone 7 Connector' I'm sure Samsung/HTC can do the same).

Again, the issue isn't about features but about having a safe, secure and stable operating systems - heck, I'm happy to forego any features due to hardware limitations as long as I know that the phone I am running is secure and stable. You keep ignoring EVERY single post I've made in the past and make an assumption about me based on ONE. Great, thanks for letting me know what is really about - lazy people who can't be bothered doing their homework.

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