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In the News Interesting charts by Horace Dediu: "As a result the Mac began to whittle down the advantage Windows had. The ratio of Windows to Mac units shipped fell to below 20, a level that was last reached before Windows 95 launched. It's as if the Mac reversed the Windows advantage. This was an amazing turnaround for the Mac. But the story does not end there." Too bad Dediu didn't include Android devices in his charts. The picture would change dramatically, and would downplay the important of either Windows or Mac/iOS. We're in a three-horse race - not the two-horse race Dediu paints.
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by jared_wilkes on Fri 6th Jul 2012 02:12 UTC
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Dediu isn't "painting" a two-horse race; he's modeling disruption. It is a three-horse race (or maybe more), but any primacy of Google's Android position is solely derived on the back of the iOS-fueled Apple disruption. Dediu is always clear on what he is looking at and what he is not looking at. He may even disagree with me that Android momentum is "on the back" of iOS, but just because this post's data only compares Windows OS v. Apple platforms does not mean that he thinks Android is not in the race. Please.

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