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Hardware, Embedded Systems Herb Sutter, a software architect from Microsoft, gave a speech yesterday at In-Stat/MDR's Fall Processor Forum. Addressing a crowd mostly consisting of hardware engineers, he talked about how the software world was ill-prepared to make use of the new multicore CPUs coming from Intel and AMD.
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RE: MP readiness
by rayiner on Fri 28th Oct 2005 19:48 UTC in reply to "MP readiness"
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I'd fully place the blame on MS for not pushing awareness of performance gains of SMP/multicore aware software.

It's sort of futile to blame Microsoft. Microsoft can't change the nature of software engineering. Writing parallel code is, well, hard. It's easier in some languages (Erlang), than others (C), but its still not as easy as writing single-threaded code. Engineers don't like to do things that are hard, not until tools evolve to make them easy. Current software is fragile enough as it is --- can you imagine how much more it would suck if it were aggressively multithreaded too?

Programmers will switch en-masse to writing parallel code when tools are developed that make it nearly as easy as writing single-threaded code. These tools will take the form of language-extensions/new languages, explicit compiler support, explicit OS support, well-designed OS-level APIs, and new algorithms and advances in computer-science theory. The current "a N-way parallel program is just N single C threads" paradigm just won't cut it.

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