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Google Fantastic initiative by Google. Anna Peirano details: "Google is launching a new campaign called 'Legalize Love' with the intention of inspiring countries to legalize marriage for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people around the world. The 'Legalize Love' campaign officially launches in Poland and Singapore on Saturday, July 7th. Google intends to eventually expand the initiative to every country where the company has an office, and will focus on places with homophobic cultures, where anti-gay laws exist." As proud as I am of living in the first country to legalise same-sex marriage, it's easy to forget we only did so in 2000. Also, it's about time the large technology companies of the world started using their power, reach, and money to do good. Hopefully, this initiative will transcend company boundaries, uniting them behind a common, noble goal.
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RE: A few thoughts
by spiderman on Mon 9th Jul 2012 07:11 UTC in reply to "A few thoughts"
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Me think this would not sort the problem out.
In France we have a civil marriage, called 'PACS'. It's a union between 2 people with the same rights as marriage. 2 brothers can be 'pacsed' together. Homosexuals can have the exact same rights as heterosexual. But we also have a civil marriage that is the same thing but with a different name for a man and a woman. Well, guess what? Some homosexuals still complain that they don't have 'marriage'. I know a lot of perfectly sane homosexuals who are just happy to be pacsed. Still there are a lot of annoying idiots that will fight for a word.
At this point, this is no more about freedom. Marriage is the opposite of freedom in the first place anyway. At this point, it is masochism. Some people just want to be discriminated again and when they are not, they will invent something so they can still say they are discriminated against. You find this in many minorities (feminists, skin color, etc). Some people are not discriminated against or not anymore but still complain.

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RE[2]: A few thoughts
by ammo42 on Mon 9th Jul 2012 10:11 in reply to "RE: A few thoughts"
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The law concerning PACS is here, and contradicts you in some points:

1) Two brothers can't be PACSed (article 515-2).
2) PACS can be withdrawn by one party without the consent of the other (article 515-7)

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RE[3]: A few thoughts
by spiderman on Mon 9th Jul 2012 13:07 in reply to "RE[2]: A few thoughts"
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I stand corrected. It's not exactly the same thing indeed.
I will amend my opinion about it.
I have to say I still think some people want to be discriminated.
I also want to say that a homosexual couple is not the same as an heterosexual couple, as a matter of fact. For one thing, they cannot have natural children. I think it makes sense to have a different kind of contract for a different type of union.

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