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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Sorry for the delay in writing a story about this, but here we finally are: Nokia's MeeGo (or Maemo or whatever it's called this hour) is getting its successor. Yes, MeeGo, the short-lived but beloved platform running on the unicorn phone, the Nokia N9, will continue onwards in a slightly different form. Its new home? Jolla - a company formed by former Nokia chief operating officer Marc Dillon, who was the principal engineer for MeeGo/Maemo at Nokia since 2006.
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RE[2]: New Phone
by lucas0 on Tue 10th Jul 2012 07:04 UTC in reply to "RE: New Phone"
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Maybe because there are just two kind of people who buy WP: Windows & Nokia employees ;)

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RE[3]: New Phone
by daedalus on Wed 11th Jul 2012 07:54 in reply to "RE[2]: New Phone"
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Maybe because there are just two kind of people who buy WP: Windows & Nokia employees ;)

Possibly ;) Although I went into a Nokia store here in Ireland not so long ago, and once I asked about the N9, the guy in the shop's tone changed, and suddenly a bitterness he had been hiding under the salesman speak came to the surface and he ranted about how Nokia gave up on a good thing (MeeGo) to replace it with "that Microsoft rubbish". And he wasn't going for the geek sale line either, he couldn't actually get an N9 for me as they're not officially on sale here...

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RE[3]: New Phone
by ze_jerkface on Thu 12th Jul 2012 00:17 in reply to "RE[2]: New Phone"
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The user satisfaction ratings for WP7 phones are actually pretty high. Windows 8 reviews for the most part have been negative which says a lot.

Nokia has more of a problem with marketing and convincing people to try something other than iPhone and Android. Verizon isn't helping either.

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