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RISC OS Good news for Raspberry Pi owners (ha!): the RISC OS port is progressing along nicely. So much so, in fact, that a Raspberry Pi-based RISC OS machine is in the works. Stable beta release of RISC OS for the Pi planned for September!
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by henderson101 on Fri 13th Jul 2012 08:39 UTC in reply to "Comment by trevj"
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It was never ideal, but I do remember using an app called something like Bas2Tex to convert the tokenised BASIC files to plain text for editing in a text editor. I think there was a similar one in reverse, or the same app did the reverse. If someone hasn't already combined that function with an IDE, I'd be very surprised.

Back to the command line... The only weird part with the line editor was the COPY button. You'd press the cursor UP button and the cursor splits, then every time you pressed COPY it copied the char you had the split cursor on. Cumbersome. Not as esoteric as the Oric Atmos though, which used control A and copied in place. Ah, the British computer's should have ruled the world. Lol! We may not have had snazzy 8bit expand ability like the Apple 2, or hardware sprites like the C64 and Atari, but our stuff worked and we gave you ARM for your mobiles and embedded devices!!!

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