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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "If we then use comScore's figure for total smartphone users (110 million) then the data would suggest that there are 330k Lumias in use in the US. This would have been accumulated over a sales period of about four months." Ouch. For a phone with such a huge marketing push, this is quite painful.
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RE: Comment by MOS6510
by cdude on Fri 13th Jul 2012 19:09 UTC in reply to "Comment by MOS6510"
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Welcome to the world of marketing. Just open google and search for "lumia sales USA" and you see where that impression comes from.

The same about the claim Lumia sells well in China, even better then iphone.

The same with the 99% customer satisfaction.

You see the pattern? Spread false informations about the Lumia success, media pics up and later when proven it was all wrong nobody cares.

Just see how long media took and still takes to question Elop's competence or asks why Nokia is dying. Just see that this news, that provide hard numbers for the Nokia Lumia fail and show how wrong Nokias Lumia sales informations are, made it only to the sidebar and not to the top news. Hey this news are about the market failure of a OS. Not just any OS but Windows Phone. This news are about the dead of WP7 and with it the last years mobile market leader Nokia within world record time. If this are not top news then I dont know what are.

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RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510
by wargum on Sat 14th Jul 2012 10:32 in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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To be fair, though, this "hard data" ist still highly speculative. Don't overtake yourself with negative information, because if it turns out differently, a lot of people will look stupid. The tragedy about this news item is, that nobody really thinks it's made up because it's impossible.

As a personal side note, let me add that I do think Nokia and WP deserve to die. But I think everybody needs to calm down and let happen what needs to happen.

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RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510
by cdude on Sat 14th Jul 2012 18:23 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510"
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Highly speculative in that they may off by some percent? Heck, even if you double that number, or even if you tribble it, it stays a disaster.

But its even more worse. Both, Samsung and HTC, sold each more WP7 devices then Nokia! Heck, they did not only fail against ALL other ecosystems (including Windows CE, Bada and Symbian) but they even fail in the WP7 ecosystem! This is so much of a disaster that it explains why even Ballmer gets in distance to the burning Nokia platform.

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