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Microsoft "Microsoft today announced quarterly revenue of $18.06 billion for the quarter ended June 30, 2012. Operating income and loss per share for the quarter were $192 million and $0.06 per share. The financial results reflect the previously announced non-cash, non-tax-deductible income statement charge of $6.19 billion for the impairment of goodwill and the deferral of $540 million of revenue related to the Windows Upgrade Offer."
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Uhhh...he says right there that they posted a loss, and he also posted the earning for Google, what more do you want?

Its not like the entire planet doesn't know MSFT is a total disaster right now, you have articles talking about "the lost decade" while Forbes names Ballmer worst CEO, Windows 8 looks like it'll be the second coming of MS Bob and they can't give away the WinPhone, so what else do ya wanna know?

"MSFT run by lousy CEO, company bleeds money, now for the weather...water is wet...back to you Chuck". Not really any more to say friend, its not like MSFT is gonna listen, or change direction, not as long as Ballmer and Sinofsky work there. When the board gets tired of flushing billions down the toilet (how many HAS Ballmer blown? 30? 40?) and punts Ballmer like a 30 yard field return THEN it'll be news, but MSFT sucking and lost since Ballmer took over? who doesn't know that?

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Its not like the entire planet doesn't know MSFT is a total disaster right now,

Microsoft posted an operating income of $6.9 billion profit. I'm struggling to see how this means Microsoft is a total disaster.

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The reason is that the result is extremly poor for a company that has a monopoly in several areas and is part of duopolies and triopolies. A lower than expected revenue means lower share payout than expected and people get angry that microsoft has not utilized it's *polies to a greater and better extent. Personally i prefer microsoft under Ballmer than under Gates. Interoperabillity has been alot better and the people hired is not such dicks as they used to be during win98-winME era.

I actually like doing buissness with microsoft now. (shocker)

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