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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Nigeria's Saheed Adepoju is a young man with big dreams. He is the inventor of the Inye, a tablet computer designed for the African market. According to the 29-year-old entrepreneur, his machine's key selling point is its price - $350 opposed to around $700 for an iPad. He believes that, because of this, there is a big market for it in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, particularly amongst students. He is also hoping to sell his tablet - which runs on the Google Android operating system - to the Nigerian government and plans to have at least one computer in each local government area." Mobile phones have had a huge impact on Africa, so just imagine what tablets, with their larger screens and easier access to the web, can do. Amazing initiative.
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RE: Uhm...
by Bobthearch on Fri 20th Jul 2012 23:42 UTC in reply to "Uhm..."
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There must be a hundred different tablets on the market priced under $250, or even under $100. And a hundred more in the $250-$350 range. Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Archos, Toshiba...

Maybe they all suck, I don't know.

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RE[2]: Uhm...
by Lennie on Sat 21st Jul 2012 08:27 in reply to "RE: Uhm..."
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If he compares it to the iPad, my guess is it would be the screensize of the iPad. Not the smaller screensize of the offering by Amazon or Google.

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RE[3]: Uhm...
by Bobthearch on Sat 21st Jul 2012 09:32 in reply to "RE[2]: Uhm..."
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He says it's an 8-inch device, so that is a critical pricing factor. Still, I'm seeing many 8" - 10" tablets advertised for $150 - $200.

So I still don't think the pricing of the Inye tablet is anything special. Probably the OEMs didn't give him much of a volume discount. Remember he only started with $60,000, and out of that had to come the hardware design, software customizations, and whatever other expenses.

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RE[2]: Uhm...
by bassbeast on Sat 21st Jul 2012 18:38 in reply to "RE: Uhm..."
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One of my customers had me pick her up one of those 7 inch Cruz tablets and she's quite happy with it. Sure its not HD like the iPad and it isn't gonna set any speed records, but for the basics like web surfing and reading ebooks it does just fine.

Does anybody know what the monthly wage is in Nigeria? Because at $350 I have to wonder how many will actually be able to afford that. Hell you can buy Atom dual core netbooks for $100 cheaper than that and those give you full X86 compatibility and 8 hour plus battery life.

I just don't see what the selling point is here, at $350 frankly he could have picked one of several COTS models and still made a nice bit of profit. A $350 price point certainly doesn't sound like a reason to go DIY.

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