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Windows Now that Windows 8 has gone gold, Microsoft can move on to other things. With Windows 8, the most important of these is probably to make sure people know how to actually use it. Metro is filled to the brim with hard-to-discover features, but Microsoft has a plan. Will it be enough?
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Windows 8 is a passive consumption toy, not a tool; with emphasis obviously on style over substance

Sure there is a lot of style over substance with Windows 8 but it is still an operating system sold on computers that average around 450 dollars. It isn't a $20 dollar toy that people will spontaneously buy just to play with.

we may never know if Windows 8 sold poorly or not.

Statcounter will spill the beans.

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How 'spontaneously' someone can or can't buy Windows 8 or platform it's rolled on is not an arbiter of the fact that it's a passive consumption toy OS.

You can cook real food in a Mattel Easy Bake Oven too, and they're not cheap -- that doesn't make it any less of a toy...

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Sinofsky is not selling it as a toy OS and in fact called it "Windows uncompromised" (a lie).

If it was an OS marketed at children I might agree but this is an OS targeted at the mainstream which includes existing Windows users.

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