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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Quick - name the most important personal computer of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Those of you who mentioned the legendary Apple II - that's fine. I respect your decision. Forced to think objectively in 2012, I may even agree. But if you just named Radio Shack's TRS-80, you made me smile. Your choice is entirely defensible. And back in the TRS-80's heyday, I not only would have agreed with it but would have vehemently opposed any other candidate."
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RE[6]: Nothing special
by lucas_maximus on Sun 5th Aug 2012 15:43 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Nothing special"
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Depends whether it is managed C++ or not.

TBH I managed to get some pretty good performance increases in modern Java and .NET by just thinking about an if ... then ... else blocks.

With T-SQL etc you still have to think about the best way to write a query ... the optimizer will only do soo much for you.

While you can write small programs and let modern CPUs and Ram and mainly not worry ... but once there are quite a few people hitting it you really have to start thinking.

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RE[7]: Nothing special
by MOS6510 on Sun 5th Aug 2012 18:39 in reply to "RE[6]: Nothing special"
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At work we use Dynamics, which uses MS SQL.

Microsoft makes the bare Dynamics and all kinds of companies can build upon it. Our Dynamics partner doesn't have any SQL experts, which seems a bit odd considering it's a lot of SQL stuff. When things don't work they have to contact Microsoft and Microsoft often doesn't know either.

When I last coded "seriously" it was early 1990's. Back then you now what happened and if unexpected things occurred you'd know where to look and where to insert debug stuff.

This annoys me with these modern coders. They rely so much on other people's code: libs, APIs, SQL, etc... when something doesn't work they need to contact other people and then the clock starts ticking. An answer in 2-3 days is considered very quick.

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RE[8]: Nothing special
by lucas_maximus on Mon 6th Aug 2012 09:48 in reply to "RE[7]: Nothing special"
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Well I find that I normally have to ask someone else when there is no documentation.

Most of my life is spent de-compiling other peoples code or reverse engineering how something works by prodding it.

A lot of projects that use Agile never have any docs and you are expected to dig through code.

I think that is the real issue here.

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