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Apple Mat Honan got hacked, and lost all the data on his MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. How? Somebody broke into his iCloud account. Brute force attack? Simple password? No, not really - the hacker called Apple tech support, and convinced the person on the phone he was really Mat Honan. Apple then reset the iCloud password. The dangers of a monoculture, kids. Even Steve Wozniak has doubts about everything going into the cloud.
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RE[4]: oh, FFS...
by leos on Tue 7th Aug 2012 00:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: oh, FFS..."
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He lost all his data because all his machines were Apple and his cloud provider was Apple. He relied on a monoculture, and everything was lost. You seem to think I'm blaming Apple (your favourite company), which I'm not - I'm blaming the guy for being stupid enough to have only Apple devices and Apple software. Had he had a Windows laptop, an Android phone, and an iPad, this would have NEVER happened.

That's funny coming from someone so excited about Windows Phone. According to your anti-monoculture ideology that should be a strict impossibility. I guess if you want a windows phone you can always switch to a Mac laptop.

Realistically the chance of this kind of thing is one in several hundred million. Compromising interoperability every single day just to avoid such a remote possibility is ridiculously paranoid. I use just as many google services as apple services, so it has nothing to do with any particular company.

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