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Internet & Networking Twitter is changing its API guidelines. Lots of new restrictions and limitations for third party clients. I'm within 140 characters.
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About time...
by Morgan on Fri 17th Aug 2012 01:31 UTC
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The twitter spam, fake accounts and other assorted junk is what keeps me from liking the service. I use it for my severe weather alert project, but I don't like it.

Off topic: The last sentence got a laugh out of me, I love silliness like that. ;)

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RE: About time...
by Johann Chua on Fri 17th Aug 2012 05:17 in reply to "About time..."
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I really hate that the Philippine government actually recommends that people get on Twitter for emergency alerts and the like. Wouldn't official SMS messages on all networks be more accessible? It's not like mobile internet is dirt cheap here.

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RE[2]: About time...
by Morgan on Fri 17th Aug 2012 05:27 in reply to "RE: About time..."
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Actually I have the opposite problem, in a manner of speaking. I wasted a lot of time and effort trying to integrate SMS alerts triggered by weather warning posts to my site, yet most of the site followers asked for Twitter alerts instead. It turned out Twitter alerts were much easier to manage, so I went that route.

You would think that, given how pretty much every American citizen over 15 years old has at least a basic cellphone, they would prefer SMS. It seems that people here are foregoing the older, more reliable (and these days, pretty much free) technology built into the phone, instead preferring a bug-ridden, spam infested web 2.0 service.

I can't count the times I've been able to receive SMS messages reliably with one bar of 1XRTT service, yet when I finally move back into 3G/WiMAX areas I'm bombarded with dozens of pending internet-based alerts.

There is something to be said for Twitter's ability to forward relevant tweets to your phone via SMS, but what happens when Twitter itself goes down for a while?

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