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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless You'll want to see this. "A teardown chronological history of PDA Organisers spanning 17 years: 1986 Psion II Organiser, 1996 Palm Pilot 5000, 2003 HP iPAQ 5550." Very thorough teardowns of the hardware, detailing all the chips and other on-board parts. Hardware porn, basically. Great work by David L. Jones.
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If the Palm pilot pro didn't require a serial port to operate, I'd still use it. I don't think I have anything with a serial port anymore - maybe an old PowerMac. Tried a couple of USB serial interfaces, but they were unreliable. I used to own a Visor too - that was USB, but it also ran a weird PalmOS version (3.1H), so it was not really much better than my Pro. I did love PalmOS though!

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