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Games Interesting. The Verge summarises the loads of news and rumours coming out of OnLive today - much of the staff seems to have been laid off, and an acquisition could be imminent. Who will it be? Apple? Google? Microsoft? EA? Valve? CommodoreUSA?
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RE[6]: A lesson to be learned
by Alfman on Sat 18th Aug 2012 20:22 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: A lesson to be learned"
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"I don't actually think that is the case. Some publishers (like ubisoft) add their own drm on top of the one in steam."

I'd imagine that some titles may have to have their native DRM crippled in order to be installed flawlessly through steam, but it's just a guess. I have no information on the matter.

"It also should be noted that steam also works without a connection to the net; you can't download new games/updates but you can play games that are installed on your pc (provided they don't have scummy ubisoft type drm as well)."

Yes, many have stated that's it's a one time activation. However without the activation service, aren't users going to reach a dead end once their computer needs replacement?

I am curious how times you can reactivate a single copy? Allow too few, and some users will be blocked from reactivating legitimately on new systems. Too many, and users may take advantage by activating the software on friend's computers.

Still, as far as DRM goes, steam's is far less obnoxious than many of the others.

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