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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I always see The Netherlands - my home country - as a small, easily graspable version of other, larger and more important western countries and even the west as a whole. In light of this,'s Arnoud Wokke points to a very interesting report about the Dutch telecommunications market. This reports notes a trend that, if present in the rest of the world, could have serious effects for phone makers.
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RE: Deliberate Distortion?
by bassbeast on Mon 20th Aug 2012 21:38 UTC in reply to "Deliberate Distortion?"
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Its true, here in the USA nobody buys their phones and with the carrier subsidies you are usually looking at $100-$199 for just about any decent smartphone. Its only in the last 6 months that things have started to change a little and that's only because Walmart has been heavily advertising its $120 Android phone with their $50 a month unlimited plan.

But even with Walmart getting into the game there is this...well stigma for want of a better word...around those that aren't on a plan, because buying your own phone and pay as you go has been strictly the realm of the poor here in the USA.

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