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Gnome In a recent interview with the Austrian newssite, GNOME designer Jon McCann talks about GNOME OS, the consequences of Canonical leaving GNOME behind, the purported removal of features and the future role of Linux distributions. "I think there was a time when GNOME had kind of a crisis, we didn't know where we wanted to go, we were lacking goals and vision - that was the end of the GNOME2 cycle. So we pulled together and formed a vision where we want to go - and actually did something about it. And now we have been marching on that plan for quite some time."
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I think some people took the 3.x stable versions too seriously just as they did with KDE 4 when it was launched. Gnome 2.x was perfectly fine. KDE 3 was fine when version 4.0 was released.

The thing with kde4 was that initially it was serverly lackin, however as time passed each release became saner and saner (at the same time as making improvements).

With Gnome 3 each successive design decision seems more removed from the practicalities of a desktop environment.

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