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Apple Vlad Savov at The Verge: "Today's been rather a momentous day in the UK mobile arena, following local regulator Ofcom's approval of Everything Everywhere's plans to use existing spectrum to roll out LTE service early. Vodafone, O2 and Three have complained in unison against the market distortions that would result from one carrier having 4G while everyone else waits for an oft-delayed auction, but their biggest fear may yet remain unspoken: a de facto exclusive on the next iPhone."
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RE: Comment by MOS6510
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 21st Aug 2012 15:49 UTC in reply to "Comment by MOS6510"
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Four gees? My town dun' even get three gees.


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RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510
by MOS6510 on Tue 21st Aug 2012 15:56 in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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It's a silly place.

I do have 3G where I live, well around my house. Other places in my village are suspect at best. Even worse where my wife's parents used to live there was no 3G, try surviving for hours with your in-laws without 3G. They recently moved, so I thought the 3G thing would be solved, but their new place is in a dead zone as well. Sometimes 3G appears, but then nothing happens and then 3G goes away again.

And why does my wife get upset if I stare at my phone all the time? The rest read folders and watch Carlo & Irene. Talk about mental torture.

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RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510
by zima on Tue 21st Aug 2012 18:27 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510"
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So, they don't even let you use their WiFi... I take it they are still upset about that stealing from them their daughter thing? ;)

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RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510
by Brendan on Tue 21st Aug 2012 15:59 in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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My town uses the standard 9.8 m/s/s "1g". If they increased it to 4g, the extra weight would make it too hard for people to get off of the couch.

- Brendan

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RE[3]: Comment by MOS6510
by judgen on Tue 21st Aug 2012 16:25 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by MOS6510"
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I still use my old NMT450 phone, as it is the only one i have tried with coverage on the ocean and in the mountains. Oh well.. It would be nice with faster calling and SMS =P

No really, i got internet at home, i do not need it on my phone as well. I might get antisocial. (Or should i say even more so) But i do understand people that want it.

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