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Windows With Windows 8 right around the corner, the usual game of reading the end-user license agreements and spotting the different versions is in full swing. Usually, this is a game of ridicule as Microsoft comes up with ever more convoluted version schemes and EULA terms. This time around, though, the company seems to be taking steps to make things easier, as Ed Bott reports.
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RE[2]: MS licensing = time sink
by andih on Sat 25th Aug 2012 22:15 UTC in reply to "RE: MS licensing = time sink"
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There is no constant breakage in linux,, windows crashes a lot lot lot more often ;)

Never ever used less time on caring for my OS then after switching to linux.

Not counting the first half year I was using it though.. there was contstant breakage yes.., but NOT because of linux ;)

Linux is pretty buff, and extremely stable.
Less resource demanding, more stable and less costly than whatever comes with the windows NT kernel.

Windows is a dinosaur, and I hope it dies soon.

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RE[3]: MS licensing = time sink
by zima on Tue 28th Aug 2012 20:36 in reply to "RE[2]: MS licensing = time sink"
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Snap out of the last century, with its then-popular crashy win9x line (oh, and let's not forget how Linux was also more... "fun" back then)

Hope all you want, but the still significant growth in PC numbers is fuelled almost exclusively by Windows PCs. Which for the majority of normal users might very well be a less costly solution (including time invested, familiarity) - and people hardly pay for Windows anyway, it comes installed on a new machine (with low-priced OEM license), and they usually use the version it came with until that machine breaks down. Also, any PC sold for quite a few years is powerful enough so that any hypothetical "less resource demanding" (which necessitates tinkering and/or going with more niche, less polished distros & DEs) doesn't matter.
(and that doesn't even touches how some software categories - NLE for example - are very nice on Windows and quite rubbish on Linux...)

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