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Morphos PPCNux (German) as well as Pegasos-Forum (German) report about new information about Genesi's new G5 based mainboard. The mainboard which will feature the PowerPC 970MP CPU will have the new microBTX format (26.4x26.7cm/10.4"x10.5"). As system controller IBM's 945 northbridge was chosen which is the corresponding version of the current PowerMac's system controller. ATI will provide the graphics chipset for the new mainboard. It is currently not known which product name the mainboard will have. In addition, Mupper 1.0 has been released.
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RE: Reasonable price.
by kaiwai on Sun 30th Oct 2005 22:42 UTC in reply to "Reasonable price."
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Regarding the ATI factor; if they include a 128MB ATI Radeon x600 on an PCIe bus, it would basically put off the requirement to overhaul the chipsetup for up to two years.

This computer right now, iMac g5, has a 64MB video card; considering that I don't intend to run ultra-RPG, it isn't as though I'd need the extra power that the new iMacs will bring; same will go for this board; considering that the number of games out there is zero, the main drawing factor to the board will be for hardware geeks, operating system porters, those who are interested in selling white box servers using this board/processor como and those who seek the "I'm different from the rest' factor.

Personally, what IBM need to do is start offering incentives to get software and operating systems ported to PPC; rewards, incentives etc. it would grow the PPC ecosystem and thus make it a viable 64bit competitor to Intel and AMD.

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