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General Development "Computer programming is the art, craft and science of writing programs which define how computers operate. This book will teach you how to write computer programs using a programming language designed by Google named Go." Freely available book on Go.
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RE: Go seems alright...
by kwan_e on Wed 5th Sep 2012 02:43 UTC in reply to "Go seems alright..."
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...I haven't looked at it since it was first released. It wasn't easy to use on Windows at the time.

I don't understand why Ada never took off, it had everything you find in the modern languages: tasks, low-level bit manipulation, OS assembly language interface, packages, OOP-like, even its own build dependency system. And I just like it.

I bought the book for Ada 2005, and being the C++ fanboy I am, I seriously wish C++ adopted a whole bunch of Ada features. It seemed really strange with C++11 that there was all the hype about concepts that were ditched due to difficulty when Ada has a much more clean way to specify template requirements. Was it seriously that hard for the standards committee to look outside of C-like languages?

The only thing that still puts me off Ada is it's OO implementation. I still can't get my head around the rules of elaboration or the rules for getting the [type].[method] syntax to work.

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