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Apple This could be big - although just how big remains unclear. "There you have. 1,000,001 Apple Devices UDIDs linking to their users and their APNS tokens. The original file contained around 12,000,000 devices. We decided a million would be enough to release. We trimmed out other personal data as, full names, cell numbers, addresses, zipcodes, etc." How did AntiSec get this data (they claim)? From an FBI laptop. Why an FBI laptop would have a file with personal information on 12 million iOS users, we don't know - especially since 10000 of them are Dutch/Belgian, and last I checked, those do not fall under FBI jurisdiction. Did the FBI obtain it from an application developer, or from Apple itself? Then again - 12 million users? From a single iOS developer? I find that hard to believe.
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Ah, but itis worth raising a red flag because, you see, there is no proof they have those IDs and that casts doubt on whether the IDs they have published are even real. For someone who often claims to want full disclosure of information, you seem rather relaxed about having it here. As for me, I don't believe things until they're proven. They have twelve million IDs? Show us the proof or else realize that those of us who generally want solid facts won't believe the so-called IDs they did release. I understand that there are folks on here who will believe something like this so long as it's against a company they hate but, as for me, I prefer to stay neutral in the brand wars.

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Even if they don't have the whole twelve million, they already have a friggin' million; isn't that already important? Isn't that already a big proof?

You sound like a lawyer who would say "only one fingerprint of my client has been found on the weapon; all complete fingerprints of all the ten fingers should be there! Your proof is void!"

Seriously, it is worth more freaking out for the fact that there is one million UDID in the hands of Antisec and others, rather than discussing where are the other eleven million.

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And you sound like a juror that would convict a person based on one small set of circumstancial evidence. "Well, they look guilty, so book 'em and let's get out of here." I'm glad you won't be on any jury of mine should I ever be falsely arrestedand, by the way, I've noticed that you haven't actually addressed any of the concerns I raised but resorted to riddicule. Care to actually address these points? First, why not release the whole file and second, if it really is too big, why not split it up and/or compress it? I realize I'm not falling into the "I hate Apple" mode that's so popular around here, but nevertheless I have valid concerns that relate directly to whether this information is true or false.

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