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Benchmarks "During the 4th Semester of my studies I wrote a small 3d spaceship deathmatch shooter with the D-Programming language. It was created within 3 Months time and allows multiple players to play deathmatch over local area network. All of the code was written with a garbage collector in mind and made wide usage of the D standard library phobos. After the project was finished I noticed how much time is spend every frame for garbage collection, so I decided to create a version of the game which does not use a GC, to improve performance."
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RE[3]: yes... but why?
by dorin.lazar on Fri 7th Sep 2012 09:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: yes... but why?"
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Way to miss the point.

The whole point is and he is right, is that extra performance really worth the extra development time?

If it isn't then it isn't worth it, it is a trade off that should be considered part of the development process.

There's always the question if the extra performance is really worth the time. That's for everyone to decide, their business, not mine. But sometimes it's too late to optimize.

The other ridiculous argument about someone losing some skills because they did stuff the easy way is ridiculous.

A lot of people in software development forget about the psychological impact of the work that developers do. You might think that there's no impact, but please, think about it one more time.

Give a senior developer menial tasks, and you shall have a mediocre experienced developer. Remember, a developer is as good as the job he does, not as the time he invested into the job.

Most of the code I work with is pretty much WTF, because somebody wanted to do it the "clever" way. The lost productivity due to this is massive when making minor modifications.

No, I'm not talking about 'the clever way' to hell. I'm talking about skipping some of the essentials. People that never done a delete nor ever thought about memory consumption will have a hard time when such limits comes into place. I recently had a wtf moment, when someone was caching an entire table in memory, then copying the cache as a backup. His verdict was "sometimes it crashes, don't know why". There's a 'too stupid' too, not only 'too clever'.

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