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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Android fans, especially those of you who love your Samsung devices, might have something to cheer about today as it looks like Chinese phone maker GooPhone have already patented the design of the new iPhone 5 before Apple have had chance!" This is just... Wow.
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RE[6]: Wow
by Windows Sucks on Fri 7th Sep 2012 23:24 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Wow"
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When Apple first sued Samsung, this site ran the following:

"Apple Sues Samsung for Patent Infringement"

The article does not list any patent numbers. Its just as unsubstantiated as the current article is.

? If you read the OSnews story you linked to above you will see that the original story that OSnews quotes from and links to DOES include several of the patent numbers.

In this case all that we have to make a story is someone from the company in question saying they patented their product and that they could sue Apple. Good marketing for them I must admit cause their site crashed from all the hits after this was said, but its not news.

I could make the same claim. Would I be news?

It will be actual news the day they pull out the patent and actually sue.

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