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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Android fans, especially those of you who love your Samsung devices, might have something to cheer about today as it looks like Chinese phone maker GooPhone have already patented the design of the new iPhone 5 before Apple have had chance!" This is just... Wow.
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RE[5]: Wow
by kwan_e on Sat 8th Sep 2012 01:39 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Wow"
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"[q]And my point is that every Apple post is negative.

Post some positive articles then? I don't see the problem.

Good idea, didn't know I could. [/q]

Make sure each pro-Apple point is balanced out by one anti-Apple/pro-Microsoft/pro-Google/pro-Samsung. Because as we all know, everything is ALWAYS in absolute balance - ALWAYS - and when discussing a certain thing about Apple that's bad (because you don't want to seem like you think everything done by Apple is good because Apple is doing it), you must point out that "well, other companies have done bad things unrelated to the current subject as well". Because in the interest of UNBIAS, you must conclude that a murder is okay because other people are doing it, but your choice of murderer is charismatic and that makes it even more okay and that other murderers are just copy cat murders.

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