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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Over the past year and a half I've been spending more and more of my time working with Mozilla's latest project, Firefox OS. During that time I've fallen in love with the project and what it stands for, in ways that I've never experienced with a technology platform before." I'm not convinced just yet. I hope it succeeds, but I just doubt it actually will.
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Most forward-looking
by vaette on Thu 13th Sep 2012 21:36 UTC
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Firefox OS is the most forward-looking I have ever seen the open-source/standards-worshipping crowd. The overall strategy has a lot going for it, both when it comes to user rights and freedoms (open platform), market forces (getting apps will get easier and easier), and from a technology perspective (easy to profit from the work of a wider community). Looking forward to this. Interestingly Microsoft has also caught on to the wisdom of this move, having made HTML5 apps first-class both in the runtime and the dev tools in Windows 8. Surprisingly more forward-looking than Google when it comes to the web. Apple is also falling behind when it comes to this direction.

On the surface it may look like users look down on webview apps, but they are getting better and better, and in many cases the users aren't complaining simply because they don't realize that it is a webview app they are dealing with.

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RE: Most forward-looking
by Nelson on Thu 13th Sep 2012 23:20 in reply to "Most forward-looking"
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Microsoft has moved HTML5 tooling forward a few years with Expression Blend.

However, Windows 8 JavaScript apps are decidedly Windows 8 only. The knowledge carries over, its not a write once run anywhere deal.

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RE[2]: Most forward-looking
by ricegf on Fri 14th Sep 2012 12:17 in reply to "RE: Most forward-looking"
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"Works Best in IE6" websites didn't work well in Firefox 1.0, either. A few years later, Microsoft was desperately trying to kill IE6 if favor of IE8 - that worked well with Firefox-compatible (standard) sites.

Not saying that David will beat Goliath again, but he's 1-0. I'm not betting against him.

(I'm anxious to try a FirefoxOS device now. I love the scrappy underdog...)

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