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Microsoft Microsoft Office 2013 has received its pricetags. Home and Student - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote - is $140, while Home and Business, which adds Outlook into the mix, is $220. Professional jumps to a whopping $400, but adds Access and Publisher. For $100 per year, you can get the subscription version, which can be installed on up to 5 PCs (both Windows and OS X PCs). In related news, Microsoft still thinks it's 2001.
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Ok, so you don't run Windows and, at the rate they're going and where they're taking it, you don't intend to.

Fixed that for you. ;)

There are actually many things I like about Windows. It's just becoming more clear by the year that all the bad is not being corrected, and even more crap is being put into place. I already stated that I like Office's ribbon UI, and that if I could buy a copy including three programs for a decent price, I would. Potentially.

But that's not going to happen. Both because Windows is heading down in a rut, and Office is... well, still not changing its ways with pricing and editions (and neither is Windows). The fact that it's Windows and Mac only further puts Office out of my league. So yes, for the time being, there are many alternatives that I'll use when I need a word processor, spreadsheet, or database program.

Microsoft do sell Office. Just not to you. They probably do it in the way which generate more profit, which is their goal.

Oh, you mean in such anti-competitive ways as cheap deals with OEMS to pre-install the software on their systems for much lower than you'd have to pay at retail? In other words... the same exact way they do with Windows?

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Can't you buy the OEM version with new hardware?

Maybe not?

Personally I don't have a need for Office and wouldn't spend lots for it.

I assume the open-source programs work fine for what I could want to do with them (don't know about Access equivalents) and that the issue for all of them except LibreOffice is lack of file compatibility but _I_ don't have need for that but if one do that's an issue.

Silly that we should be depending on a proprietary format for our documents and that people would demand to have them in Microsoft format. At least as long as we're not talking pixel or print perfect layout of the content.

Then maybe it's harder with a common format, but it should still be doable?

This was rather expensive:
Cheaper but I don't know what it contain:

Oh, it was 2013 revealed. Guess that's why I'm not seeing it there yet.

Home and business got Access? So you don't need Professional?

But maybe that was changed in TFA.

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Uh, Microsoft Office Home & Student includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for $139 which usually what most users need and you can run it forever on up to 3 PC's. What more could you want? Greedy?

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