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Windows "Asus has a trio of Windows 8 tablets on deck for the holidays, but the pricing is so high - $599 to $1299 for a hybrid - that it's going to be nearly impossible to compete in the marketplace. We were leaked Asus' holiday roadmap and the slide below tells the tale." If this is for real, Windows 8 is screwed in the tablet space. Nobody is going to buy a Windows tablet at prices higher than the iPad.
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RE: Nobody?
by ze_jerkface on Wed 19th Sep 2012 03:55 UTC in reply to "Nobody?"
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Furthermore, this is more than simply a tablet. Add a keyboard and mouse, and you have a full Windows desktop. I see this completely replacing laptops for many business folk.

Why should they spend a premium on it over a laptop? Because tablets are trendy?

When it comes to boosting productivity there aren't many business cases where tablets make sense. This may come as a shock to many but Windows tablets are already used where they are needed (hospitals, construction sites).

I'm also not convinced that Windows 8 is good for tablets. I like Metro in WP7 but I'm not yet sold on how Windows 8 handles multitasking. Maybe it is ok but it definitely sucks on the desktop.

There is another problem which is that Windows 8 will have poor reviews out of the gate. So they're asking consumers to pay more for an OS that everyone says is a POS.

The ipad mini is going to kick the crap out of everything if it is priced as expected. Windows 8 will be third page news.

The only silver lining in all this is that Windows 8 will mark the beginning of the end of Sinofskysoft. Goodbye Ballmer too you assclown.

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