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Mozilla & Gecko clones "It's no secret that Mozilla has been working on a mobile OS. Previously codenamed Boot2Gecko, the project focused on a purely HTML5 based system that worked in many ways like current mobile devices. As the project grew into Mozilla OS, the company has laid out a partnership with ZTE that will have real world devices in certain markets early next year. Testing for this OS had previously consisted of a compiled ROM that would be flashed over a handful of Android devices. Now, Mozilla has moved into full fledged product evaluation mode with their own custom developer phone." Looks decent - and a better solution for testers and developers than custom ROMs.
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RE[7]: Comment by stabbyjones
by zima on Wed 26th Sep 2012 01:21 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by stabbyjones"
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Oh, one of those otherwise despised for their actions large telecoms?... and why would they do that?

Reminds me when we had Linux on netbooks and when Vista had less than stellar public perception - few large PC OEMs made some moves, but they didn't really push it, basically just desiring some more influence over MS direction.

And the telecoms probably very much miss the times when they were in total control (wrestled from them away by the emergence of the two new smartphone ecosystems), ultimately, it's likely that Mozilla is just being (more or less willfully) used by Telefónica as a bargaining chip of sorts WRT Google; better don't get your hopes up for much more.

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