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Multimedia, AV "On October 1 1982, Joel's sixth studio album, 52nd Street, was the first commercially released CD album... Which means CDs are 30-years-old today. It's worth noting here that 52nd Street wasn't a new album - it was launched initially in 1978, but it was selected for relaunch on the new digital audio disc, rolling out alongside the first CD player - the Sony CDP-101 - in Japan. But of course, the CD didn't spring up overnight - the road to launch started long before 1982." I'm still 100% CD when it comes to music. The act of physically holding a new album in your hands for the first time and gently placing the disk in the tray can't be matched by pressing a download button behind a computer.
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RE[5]: I don't like cds but
by daedalus on Tue 2nd Oct 2012 12:53 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I don't like cds but"
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If you have a seperate DAC for every device (in plain english, if you are using the noname DAC that's inside each device/computer), instead of driving all sound to a trusted standalone DAC sitting on your rack (using digital connection), then you are doing it wrong. Having a PC for decoding and a seperate DAC is the best option IMO. PS: And by "DAC" I mean both a stereo one and those 5.1 "home cinema systems". Just make sure you get one of the good ones.

Now you're going back to talking about consumer electronics being the way to go. You sound like you're going around in circles there, but it was indeed the same point I was making about using an external DAC (The Firewire soundcard) for the PC.

I don't see however, how using the DAC in my amp is going to be any more "pure" WRT the original sound signal than using the one in a decent bit of sound kit, especially since the amp is going to reshape the sound far more, and since the decompression artefacts will probably be far larger than any difference in DACs. PCs are obviously a big exception, but I can't hear the difference between an MP3 playing across good analogue cables from my dedicated MP3 deck, and the same file playing on my PC but using the DAC in my amp. (And yes, I know using analogue cables is silly if you can use digital, but I wanted to test it myself.)

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