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Microsoft "This week marked the real launch of the new home page. And as someone who has been involved on and off with the project from the moment it was conceived, I thought I'd tell you the story, albeit extensively abridged, behind the new Grab a seat." I love the new Microsoft site. It looks very clean and focused.
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It's OK-ish
by PieterGen on Wed 3rd Oct 2012 11:01 UTC
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Quick 5-minute analysis:

- The front page looks nice & clean.
- Navigation is sub-par. No breadcrumbs, "site map" is not a site map, impossible to get back to once you're in, say Windows.....
- I wanted to open an animation ("See how Win8 works") and it started to download an MP4-file (wtf?) This is on a Linux box with Opera browser
- several inconsistencies (different menus, different search boxes, different typefaces and so on)
- front page is in English, when I continue the deeper pages are in Dutch (based on my IP address I suppose - so why is the front page not in Dutch?)

- search box on the front page (which in itself is a good idea) let's me choose "Search" or "Search the Web" - this is a silly choice, of course I want to search in

- the navigation is confusing. Look at the home page.
Top bar: Products, Downloads,Security,Support,Store

If I want to buy (and download) a version of MS Office, do I go to Products (MS Office), Downloads or Store?

This goes on... look in Store: Shop now, Microsoft Store, Windows software, Office software, Xbox, Volume Licensing, Find Store locations

Where do I go for that copy of MS Office? It is from Microsoft, right? So, Microsoft? Windows? Office? I have to find a store location (hey? I thought I could buy HERE??). Or do I go to Shop Now?

- Security, Downloads and Support is not once, not twice but 3 times ! on the home page

Conclusion: the beauty is only skin deep

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RE: It's OK-ish
by BluenoseJake on Wed 3rd Oct 2012 11:05 in reply to "It's OK-ish"
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It's not impossible. just annoying, you can scroll to the bottom and click on the microsoft logo in the lower right corner. Hardly intuitive.

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RE[2]: It's OK-ish
by rft183 on Wed 3rd Oct 2012 14:11 in reply to "RE: It's OK-ish"
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And it doesn't work consistently. For instance, the Office 365 product page and the Security home page...

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