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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Sorry for linking to a long picture (why this isn't an article I don't know, but bear with me for a second), but this is an excellent overview of some of the crazy hardware experiments Nokia has performed during its golden years. For me, this is the best device Nokia ever made - and also, my personal best and favourite mobile phone I've ever owned. You hear people talking about how solid the iPhone 5 or the HTC One X feels? Fisher Price compared to the 8800. They don't make 'm like that no more.
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The 8800 was bloody expensive when it first came out, if memory serves me right, and I think there was one model that came out after that was even better built. Can't recall the number, but it was similar to the 8800 but had a sort of matte titanium/gunmetal grey finish. Didn't smudge as much as the 8800.

But yes, I agree for the most part. Nokia made very solid hardware back in the day. the amount of abuse/accidents my banana-phone (sorry, can't recall the number... the one they used in the first Matrix film) went through in 3 years of ownership would have decimated an iPhone or Galaxy in 3 days.

Actually, they probably even make decent hardware nowadays, at least in the high-end segment. The girlfriend just got an iPhone5, and it doesn't even feel quite as well built as my N9 (made in Finland, btw). Shame they abandoned Meego, though.

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It's possible you're thinking about... 8800 - it seems there were a few styles of the exterior (for example but expand the list)


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